Addison Hines Music Therapy Internship Program "Opportunities"


The Gerstenberg Hospice Center is the headquarters for Trustbridge.  It is located in West Palm Beach, FL. Two miles away is the John J. Brogan Bereavement Center, which houses our bereavement department and our Integrative Therapies Department. Integrative Therapies includes licensed professionals in music therapy, massage therapy, and other related modalities. Music therapy sessions take place in various settings outside of the facility within Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Palm Beach and Broward Counties are home to over 3 million people and are 2 of the largest and most diverse counties in Florida. We have over 68 miles of beaches and enjoy a tropical climate, with a year-round average temperature of 78 degrees. 


Living Arrangements
Living arrangements are to be made by intern (stipend to help defray costs). The Internship Director will help the intern access free services for finding an apartment in the area where they will be working.

Meals are the responsibility of the intern (stipend to help defray costs). There is a cafeteria at the Gerstenberg center serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily at a cost of about $3.00-$5.00. There are many restaurants and supermarkets in all price categories throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Each intern will receive a stipend of $6,000. The stipend is paid in $1000 increments at the end of each month.

Liability Coverage
While in their car, interns need to be covered by their auto Insurance. Interns in hospitals or nursing homes would be covered first by Insurance of those parties and supplemental by TrustBridge Health if they are representing TrustBridge Health. Interns must also provide documentation of liability insurance carried individually or through their University.

The intern needs a car, auto Insurance, and valid driver's license. Driving will be required for visiting patient homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. Mileage reimbursement is currently provided at $0.50 per mile.

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