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Internship Application Checklist

Thank you for taking the time to apply to our AMTA National Roster Internship program. We are very excited about our program, and welcome the opportunity to work with emerging music therapy clinicians. Please review the checklist below before submitting your application. Some of the required forms can be uploaded on the final page of this application.

  1. Fill out the form below in full. For fields that do not apply to you, select, please enter N/A.
  2. Include or have mailed a letter of eligibility from your AMTA University Music Therapy Director.
  3. Include or have mailed 2 letters of recommendation from someone who knows you well and has worked with you in a professional setting addressing your musical, clinical, and professional skills.
  4. Include with your application an up-to-date resume detailing all academic, professional and relevant personal information.
  5. Have official transcripts sent from your university directly to us.
  6. Include a video recording of yourself playing 3 hospice-appropriate songs and one song of your selection on your primary instrument (if your primary instrument is one other than voice, piano or guitar). For your hospice repertoire, include 2 songs sung with guitar accompaniment and one sung with piano. Please describe why you chose the songs and how you would have used them with a hospice patient before you begin playing. Provide a link to an uploaded video via YouTube, Dropbox or other video-sharing software.
  7. Along with the 3 songs, please answer the following questions on the video:
    1. Tell us about yourself.
    2. Why are you interested in doing your internship at Trustbridge?
    3. What do you see as the role of music therapy in hospice?
    4. What is the most important aspect of a music therapy session?
  8. Only complete applications can be reviewed - please make note of the deadline for our receipt of your materials that can be found on our website. All materials (including letters of recommendation and transcripts) must be received by the deadline.

Thanks again for applying. Feel free to call (561) 273-2179 or email with any question you may have.

Send complete application to:
Michael Cohen, M.M.,MT-BC
Music Therapy Education Lead
300 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 305
West Palm Beach, FL 33507
(561) 273-2179


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I understand that if selected for an internship position at Trustbridge, I will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Signing this application digitally confirms that I am eligible for an AMTA National Roster Internship and that I have a valid driver's license. All information supplied is complete, true and correct.


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