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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the priority of Trustbridge to safeguard the health and well-being of our patients and families at all times. After serious consideration, Trustbridge has made the decision to postpone Camp Good Grief and temporarily suspend all group bereavement counseling.

1. What are the dates for Camp Good Grief 2021?

Answer: Camp Good Grief 2020 will be a virtual camp held Saturday December 5 from 9:00am – 12:00noon


2. Where can I obtain an application for Camp Good Grief 2021?

Answer: Call the Trustbridge Bereavement Department at 888 499 8393 to request an application. The application can also be downloaded from the following websites:


3. What is the deadline to submit a completed application for Camp Good Grief 2020?

Answer: The deadline is November 27, 2020.


4. Is there anything in particular I need to include in the Camp Good Grief 2021 application?

Answer: Please answer each application question fully so that we are completely informed and able to assess your child’s needs. If an item does not apply to your child, please write “N/A” or “does not apply.” Incomplete applications will be added to the Waiting List until they are complete. *Please include a current photo of your child. Clearly identified photos may be emailed to Kellie Kintz at


5. What are the age limits for children to apply to Camp Good Grief 2020?

Answer:We welcome children ages 8-17 years old by the date of Camp Good Grief 2020 to apply to participate in Camp Good Grief 2020.


6. My child will be 8 years old soon (or just turned 18 years old, etc.). Can he/she apply for Camp Good Grief 2020?

Answer: As this camp’s focus is in meeting the specific developmental needs of this age group, we will not make any exceptions to this age limit. We encourage parents to call 888-499-8393 for information on our other children’s bereavement programs.


7. What are the qualifications of the Staff and volunteers who will be working with my child at Camp Good Grief 2020?

Answer:Trustbridge Bereavement Staff interacting with your child at Camp Good Grief 2020 are all licensed mental health professionals, or master’s level clinicians working towards licensure. All staff members have multiple years of experience working with adults and children who have experienced the death of a loved one. All staff and volunteers have undergone a Level 2 State and Federal Background Check. Volunteers receive formal training regarding death & dying and grief related issues as well as instruction on grief issues related to children.


8. Our family member died yesterday/a week/a month/2 months or so ago. We’d like our child to be able to be at Camp Good Grief 2020.

Answer: Camp Good Grief is open to children who have experienced the death of a loved one 3 or more months ago. For more recent losses, we encourage you to contact our Bereavement Department at 888 499 8393 to schedule individual counseling.


9. Our family is in mourning, not due to a death, but due to coping with divorce, difficult times, community tragedies, other tragedies or crises. Would our child/children be able to attend this grief camp?

Answer: Our bereavement programs are dedicated to providing grief support to children and adults who have experienced the death of a loved one. For other losses, we encourage you to call the 211 Helpline to identify resources in your area.


10. I have more than one child I’d like to send to Camp Good Grief 2020. Can I just fill out one application and add all of their names?

Answer: We require a signed, completed and individual application for each camper.


11. I do not have legal custody of a child I’d like to send to Camp Good Grief 2020. What do I do?

Answer: We will attempt to help you navigate this process. If you have a DCF Case Manager assisting you, they will be able to help you obtain the ability to “sign” an application for the child.


12. We have had someone die in our family, but…they did not receive Trustbridge Hospice services or medical care. Are we allowed to send our child to Camp Good Grief 2020?

Answer: We welcome all children across Palm Beach County and Broward County that have experienced the death of a loved one greater than 3 months ago.


13. I have specific questions that I would like to ask the Camp Good Grief 2020 staff. How do I reach them?

Answer: Kellie Kintz, LCSW, our Bereavement Children’s Program Coordinator welcomes your questions via email at or via cell at 561-702-7121. Email is the easiest and fastest way to reach her.


14. What is your fax number?

Answer: The Trustbridge Bereavement Department fax number is 561-273-2267.


15. Am I able to find information about your camps or other events on social media?

Answer: Please ”Follow Us” and “Like Us” at

Feel free to email us any photos you take at any of our events, with a signed photo release, for

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