David C. Fielding

David C. Fielding
President and Chief Executive Officer

David C. Fielding joined Trustbridge as Chief Executive Officer in December 1998. Under Mr. Fielding's leadership, Trustbridge has grown from caring for approximately 200 patients on a daily basis to more than 2,000 patients per day.

Prior to his current position, David served for two years as Executive Director of United Hospice Incorporated of Lilburn, Georgia, one of the largest hospice companies in the southeastern United States, with eleven offices in Georgia and South Carolina. Previously he spent seven years with Vitas Healthcare Corporation, the largest hospice organization in the country. During this time he worked in Miami and Boston, and served as Director of Development and Managed Care in Chicago and General Manager in Lombard and Skokie, Illinois. Mr. Fielding has a bachelor's of arts in organizational behavior and management from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and a master's of science in health systems management from Rush University in Chicago. He is a member of the National Hospice Organization, Florida Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. and the National Association for Home Care.