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The Empty Seat At The Holiday Table

“Thanksgiving arrived just a few weeks after my husband died.”

Happy families, togetherness, celebration and joy are just some of the expectations of the holiday season.  These are the images surrounding us online, in movies, on TV and in our own memories, if we’re lucky. Yet, it’s hard for most families to live up to these images, even under normal circumstances. 

So, what happens when we are grieving the loss of a cherished relationship, a marriage or worse—the death of someone dear?  Personal losses become magnified at this time of year when we’re supposed to be happy, which can leave us feeling alone and depressed. When a loved one has died, their missing chair at the holiday table may seem like more than we can handle.

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Joy In The Age Of Loss

"If you live long enough, the accumulation of grief is inevitable. Yet some navigate the loss of family and friends with grace, good humor, and resilience. How do they do it?"

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‘Elder Orphans,’ Without Kids Or Spouses, Face Old Age Alone.

"About 22 percent of older adults in the United States fall into this category or are at risk of doing so in the future, according to a 2016 study….Notably, 70 percent of survey respondents said they hadn’t identified a caregiver who would help if they became ill or disabled, while 35 percent said they didn’t have “friends or family to help them cope with life’s challenges.”

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A Hospice Chaplain And The Little Girl Who Captured His Heart

Her name was Estella.

I was struck by her name when we were informed there would be a little 7-year-old girl coming into our hospice care unit.  It was a beautiful name and was as unique as she was.

Preparations were underway to get her room ready and we found that the side rail of the baby crib that slides up and down was loose. As a chaplain, I pitch in and help staff wherever I can.  I immediately seized the opportunity to work on my ‘inpatient maintenance merit badge’ and ran down to the facilities department for tools.  Thus began my unexpected connection with a little girl I had never met, born with infantile cerebral palsy.

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Trustbridge Welcomes New Member To Board Of Directors

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Trustbridge is pleased to welcome Kristin Ahr, of counsel in Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel’s West Palm Beach Office, to its Board of Directors. Ahr joins local industry leaders serving as director members.

Ahr has been practicing law in Florida for more than twenty years. At Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel, her practice is focused on employment litigation and compliance, and commercial litigation. She serves as counsel to a broad range of clients, public and private, in both federal and state courts, as well as before administrative agencies, and alternative dispute resolution forums.

“My father is a retired oncologist who practiced medicine in Palm Beach County for 40 years. I am excited to join this organization to honor my father’s work, dedication and compassion and to honor the memory of the patients he cared for in his 40 years as a physician,” said Ahr.

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'God Heard My Prayers': Mom Who Fosters Sick Kids Adopts Son Before His Death

"I realized it wasn't that he was not wanted, it was that he was waiting for us."

"...there is nothing pretty about watching a child die. It was not a beautiful experience, but I prayed his death would be able to be at home with our family present, and not chaotic and full of procedures and painful interventions."

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