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Hurricane - Hospice FAQ And Guide

Hospice Care During a Severe Weather Event FAQ
Our hospice care is received at home; when should we evacuate?

Follow the evacuation plan and any orders which are issued for your area.

If you are planning to stay in your home or stay with local family or friends, complete your hurricane preparations early and make sure that your Hospice nurse/team knows your plan.

My loved one lives in an evacuation zone and is very ill; what are our options?

Make sure that you are in touch with your Hospice nurse/team as soon as possible. During periods of emergency, Hurricane Watch and Hurricane Warning, will continue to evaluate individuals who require admission to an inpatient unit based on criteria established by Hospice Medicare conditions of participation. Patients will not be admitted to a Hospice Inpatient Facility during a Hurricane Warning once winds hit 39 miles per hour.

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We Value Nurses!

Nurses are the heart of our care and we show it.

$4,000 Sign-on Bonus for Admissions RNs

(New external hires only - $1,000 after a 90-day probation period; and $3,0700 upon completion of 1 year)

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Why Race Matters In End-of-life Discussions

"When I first joined IHI’s Conversation Project (TCP) team as a project coordinator, I thought I had a firm grasp of its mission: to ensure that everyone, everywhere expresses their end-of-life care wishes with their loved ones and health care providers to increase the likelihood of getting the care that matters most at the end of our lives.

It seemed straightforward. Little did I know that, as time progressed, I would be confronted with multiple dimensions of the end-of-life care discourse because of my identity as a black woman."

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