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‘Death Is Not A Failure’: Medical Schools Adapt End-of-life Lessons


The extent of his end-of-life training amounted to an hour of discussion in the first two years of medical school, explained Atul Gawande, renown author and surgeon.“You go in focusing on wanting to be a hero and fix things. Teaching people in med school what it means to be an effective clinician for giving people cutting-edge care for quality of life — as opposed to quantity of life — is a neglected skill.” This article describes a Massachusetts intiative (including Harvard and Tufts medical schools) to train physicians in end-of-life care, including the future use of computerized mannequins for real-life scenarios.

To toot our own horn, we are WAY ahead of this curve! Did you know that Trustbridge is the first health care organization in the U.S. to develop a simulator training lab for palliative care? We use the computerized mannequins to give new employees hands-on, interactive training and enhance skills for our clinical staff. We also have a Fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Medicine (a partnership with University of Miami School of Medicine) that trains physicians in the speciality of end-of-life care. We're experts in quality-of-life care and it benefits our community!