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Former Avid Golfer And Hospice Patient Has Wish Fulfilled At Coatesville Country Club

August 31,2019  -

COATESVILLE, Pa. - A man receiving hospice care in Chester County has a wish fulfilled. He just wanted to get back out on the links.

Though he is bound by a walker, he was able to play golf Friday, thanks to a special partnership.

George Daly loved the game of golf for 40 years. His friends with Compassus Hospice Care are helping him get back on the course.

George is unable to play. But, he is able to be outside and watch Junior PGA golfer Morgan swing away at the Coatesville Country Club.

“I think it means a huge deal. To relive something that they loved and then get to re-experience that again,” stated Gail Dacamara, with Compassus Hospice.

“Great opportunity to come and see the old course,” Daly said.

George was a member at the Coatesville Country Club for 10 years.

“Has the course changed since you’ve been here?” asked FOX 29 photojournalist Bill Rohrer.

“Yes, extensively. I don’t recognize it anymore,” Daly replied.

The course may be different, but he met some familiar faces and marveled at how well Morgan can play.

“People think they are giving up when they come on to hospice but we are not giving up,” Carla Suny, with Compassus Hospice, added.

“There is absolute joy. I think it brought back many amazing memories for him. I think being outside, it is such a wonderful day. He had so many people around him. I think that meant a great deal,” Dacamara said.

“It was a great opportunity. Great opportunity. I miss playing a lot of golf,” Daly went on.