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Hurricane - Hospice FAQ And Guide


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Hospice Care During a Severe Weather Event FAQ
Our hospice care is received at home; when should we evacuate?

Follow the evacuation plan and any orders which are issued for your area.

If you are planning to stay in your home or stay with local family or friends, complete your hurricane preparations early and make sure that your Hospice nurse/team knows your plan.

My loved one lives in an evacuation zone and is very ill; what are our options?

Make sure that you are in touch with your Hospice nurse/team as soon as possible. During periods of emergency, Hurricane Watch and Hurricane Warning, will continue to evaluate individuals who require admission to an inpatient unit based on criteria established by Hospice Medicare conditions of participation. Patients will not be admitted to a Hospice Inpatient Facility during a Hurricane Warning once winds hit 39 miles per hour.

The storm is approaching and a hurricane watch has been issued; what happens?

Your Hospice team will confirm your plans and order any needed patient medications and supplies.

If you are evacuating, make sure Hospice has the name and address of the location you are evacuating to.

Can our Hospice nurse come check on us during the storm or make a patient visit if my loved one becomes ill?

Hospice staff will not be able to make visits once the winds reach 39 miles per hour until the storm has passed. Hospice will continue to be available by phone unless phone communication is lost; call 888-441-4040. Your Hospice team will contact you as soon as possible once the storm has passed and communication has been restored.

My loved one is on Crisis Care; how will that be handled?

Crisis care services will be discontinued during the Hurricane Warning phase of preparation for a storm. Those patients requiring continued crisis care services will be transferred to a Hospice Inpatient Unit.

How will Hospice patients in a Nursing Home be cared for during the storm?

Hospice patients who are living in a nursing home will remain in the facility during a storm or other natural disaster, unless the facility’s emergency management plan requires evacuation.

If evacuation is required your Hospice team will work with your facility staff to assist with transfer and ensure that all essential medications, equipment, and supplies are available for your care. Your Hospice team will be available to you both before and after the event.

Can Hospice patients in a hospital inpatient unit stay in place during the storm?

Patients who have been admitted to a Hospice Inpatient Unit in a hospital will remain in place during a storm or other natural disaster, unless the hospital’s emergency management plan requires evacuation. In that situation the patient’s will be moved to another Hospice Inpatient Unit.