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Why Trustbridge And Why Social Work?

Nadia Avril | March 04,2021  -

Trustbridge is more than a hospice. Trustbridge is a community, a village, a big family where all are welcome and everyone is treated equally.

Trustbridge remains committed wholeheartedly to honor the ultimate “Trust” placed on the organization by the patients and their loved ones.

Trustbridge is the “pediment” that “Bridges” our patients and their families with the quality of care they are so deserving.  

Trustbridge “Soul” goal is to continue to improve the quality of life of each individual’s patient during the most daunting time of their life.



Why “Social Worker”?

The simple answer would be: I want to work and help people. But, many other professions also work and help people.  

Social Workers see and treat the individual, the patient as a whole person.

Social Workers uphold by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The Maslow’s pyramid of needs are: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

For Social Workers to really make a difference in a patient’s live, they have to probe them on how they are functioning mentally, physically.

They have to assess their living arrangement. They have to assess their safety needs.

Social Workers will continue to “fight” for social justice. They continue to “fight” to improve lives, not only for their actual patients, but also their families, and the community they live in.

This is what set Social Workers apart from the other professions. Being a Hospice Social Worker makes a difference in the lives of the patient and their family.

Trustbridge’s Social Workers will continue to share the same vision and goals as the organization they are a part of.


Nadia Avril
Clinical Social Worker 2- MSW