Palliative Treatment Coral Springs, FL
Palliative Treatment in Coral Springs, FL

woman in hospital with a volunteer at her bedsideYou may have heard about hospice care in the past, but many people aren’t aware of what our Palliative Treatment in Coral Springs, FL means. There are many misconceptions about palliative care and the benefits. The initial palliative benefit period is six-month, and provides help for the patient and many of those around them. This is your guide to understanding the palliative benefits and a description of palliative care services.

Our Palliative Treatment in Coral Springs, FL is available whenever families need us–24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our hospice caregivers listen and communicate with family members so they understand what is happening, guide them in making important decisions, and educate them on caring for their loved ones.

We provide Palliative Treatment in Coral Springs, FL for patients wherever they live—in their home, assisted-living facility, skilled nursing facility or hospital. We also have family-friendly care centers, where we care for patients 24/7 as needed to stabilize pain or other symptoms.

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