Grief Support
Patient Visitors

Patient-visiting volunteers are the heart of our hospice family. No special skills are required, just the desire to help others.  When you visit with a patient (at home, in a caregiving facility or one of our hospice care centers), it means the world to him or her. Visits in the home also allow the family or caregiver to get a much-needed break--to go to the doctor, get a haircut or have lunch with a friend.

There are many meaningful ways to help, just by being you

  • Sharing life stories, photos and good times
  • Listening to music, writing letters or playing cards
  • Holding a hand, comforting a family member or walking a dog
  • Running an errand or taking a drive

Visiting with families is something to feel good about

You can create a customized volunteer experience based on your interests, location and schedule.  We also have established patient-visiting programs you might enjoy participating in:

  • Play an instrument or share your voice to offer the uplifting gift of music.
  • Help in our offices, resale shops and at fundraising events.
  • Pet Peace of Mind Volunteers – Provide in-home pet care assistance so our patients can keep their beloved pets.
  • Veteran-to-Veteran – Visit with veterans and service families who are in our care.

I have visited many patients. Some are unable to get out, but they are always full of life and laughter. We don’t dwell on their illness; we just relate to each other as people. The only skill you need is a smile. The patients will fill your heart with more joy than you can ever imagine.” - Linda K.

I always look forward to my visits. I can just be myself and it makes them so happy. We talk about the things they enjoy or their life stories. Their families may be far away or busy taking care of them so they enjoy someone to sit and chat with. It’s such an easy gift to give.” - Pat B.

People are so welcoming and gracious. You simply can’t believe the love they give you! When I walk away from a visit, I feel like I’m walking 3 or 4 feet above the ground.” - George T.

If you are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer, please contact us: