“In some ways, hospice care struck me as the original 'concierge medicine,' where a whole team of players dedicated itself to the patient’s every need. This was the closest we could get to ideal... + read more

Hospice was associated with better symptom relief, attainment of pain-management goals, and quality of end-of-life care, the study found. Families of patients who received at least 30 days of... + read more

If patients can continue life-extending treatments while also receiving hospice care, the theory goes, they might choose hospice sooner. Price is a prime example, given her fierce determination to... + read more

Hospice care is rooted in the belief that death is a natural part of life, that dying can be managed so that people may remain alert and as pain-free as possible until the end, and that a good... + read more

Military veterans have an opportunity to provide comfort, empathy and companionship to fellow veterans journeying through end-of-life care.

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This Trustbridge Hospice program is designed to improve the quality of life for patients who want to keep their pets at home and to keep them together on the end-of-life journey, she said.

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