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Frequently Asked Hospice Care Questions

Frequently Asked Hospice Care Questions

For families struggling with serious illness, hospice care means that you are never alone. If you do not see the information you need here, you can call us with any question, 24 hours a day at 844.422.3648.

Who qualifies for hospice care?

Hospice is a special type of supportive care that is devoted to people who have end-stage illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less if their disease follows its normal course. Some people have multiple conditions that contribute to a limited life expectancy, rather than a single illness.  

Where is hospice care provided?

Most people receive hospice care in their homes. Hospice care may also be provided at a dedicated care center, a skilled nursing facility, an assisted-living or other caregiving facility, or in the hospital.

How is hospice care paid for?

The compassionate care and support of hospice care is a benefit you are entitled to under Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. As a not-for-profit hospice, we make sure that everyone who needs hospice care receives it, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. 

Can I continue seeing my own doctor if I am in hospice care?

Yes. Many patients continue to see their own primary care physicians when they enter hospice care.  Our team of professionals works closely with the patient's doctor to coordinate care and monitor their condition.

Can I continue to receive the medications that have been helping me?

If the medications are related to your hospice diagnosis, we will provide them.  If they are not, you can continue to take them at your own cost. 

How long can I receive hospice care?

You can benefit from the world of support that we provide for a full 6 months (or longer if you continue to meet the medical criteria). You can choose to leave hospice care at any time, for any reason, and return later on if you are medically eligible. 

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