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Grief Support

Grief Support

Helping you heal

The death of a loved one, even if it is expected and peaceful, may leave a hole in your life accompanied by a dizzying range of emotions. In addition to feelings of loss, grief and despair, you might also be feeling anger, guilt or relief. Whatever you are feeling or experiencing is a completely normal and expected reaction to bereavement.

Trustbridge is here to walk the difficult path of grief with you, to help you find healing and peace.

Our groups, workshops and family activities are open to everyone in Palm Beach and Broward counties who has lost a loved one, free of charge. We are here to support you. You are not alone.

To see our currently scheduled programs and locations, click on the links below: 

Grief services for children

When a loved one dies, grieving children and teens have unique needs. We help them cope with change, identify safe ways to express grief, and recognize that it's OK to smile and have fun again.

Grief services for adults

  • Grief Education Workshops help you understand how loss effects your life and offer healthy ways to cope
  • Grief Support Groups (ex:Initial Responses to Loss)
  • Loss-specific Support Groups (ex: Loss of a Parent)
  • Individual and Family Grief Counseling (for Trustbridge families whose loved ones have died in our care)
  • Specialized Workshops offer interactive experiences to help you cope with grief (ex: Coping with the Arts)
  • Remembrance Events honor the memories of loved ones (ex: Celebration of Life)
  • Download our booklet The Nature of Grief.

If we can help you, please call our Trustbridge Bereavement Centers at (561) 227-5175 or toll-free at (888) 499-8393.

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