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All Hospice Services

All Hospice Services

When we first meet with you, we will ask you what your hopes are. It is our mission to support your wishes in every way we can so you can live the way you want and do the things that are important to you. Your goals are the focus of the hospice team. Together, we will design the care that will achieve your goals.

If you or your loved one need to continue treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, intravenous medications or blood transfusions for comfort, we can care for you. We are one of only 4% of hospice organizations nationwide that can admit patients into hospice care and provide these extraordinary comfort measures.  

Expert Clinical Care

Medical care that comes to you... Whether we are caring for your loved one in your family’s home, in a residence of your choice, or as an inpatient in a caregiving facility, the skilled and compassionate professionals of Trustbridge are here for you, 24 hours a day. + read more

  • Symptom management

    Our physicians and nurses are specialists in providing comfort, relieving the pain, symptoms, stress and discomfort of serious illness. We also take the time to keep you informed of your loved one’s condition.

  • Routine hospice care

    Routine home care includes scheduled visits from a registered nurse (RN) for medical care and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) for personal care assistance.  If your care plan includes other types of services, such as spiritual care or music therapy, additional appointments will be scheduled. 

  • Adjusting to change

    As your loved one’s health declines and his or her care needs change, we will be here for you: helping you understand what is happening, answering all of your questions and guiding you through decisions that need to be made related to medical care, equipment and medication. 

  • Acute care

    If symptoms become unstable and cannot be managed at home, we will bring your loved one to one of our inpatient care centers for short-term acute care.


    Your loved one can also be treated for acute care at home if symptoms can be stabilized.  Nurses will be assigned to care for him or her in the home as needed during these crises.

24-hour Caregiver Support

Caring for a very ill loved one may be the most challenging experience of your life. It can also be the most meaningful and personally rewarding. Your time, loving compassion and very presence are gifts beyond measure to your loved one. It is your devotion and love that make all of our care effective.  Your “heart” combined with our “art” is a powerful combination. + read more

  • Help with Caregiving Tasks

    We can lift an enormous number of caregiving challenges off your shoulders so you can enjoy life’s moments as a family, such as: providing equipment to help a bedridden patient get into a wheelchair, offering assistance with bathing, and delivering medications, equipment and supplies.  

  • Caregiver Education & Training

    We will provide hands-on training and 24-hour support so you can meet your loved one’s changing needs. We will educate you so you will understand what is happening and know what to anticipate. 

  • Emotional support

    If you feel sad, tired or overwhelmed with your caregiving responsibilities, you can count on our staff for counseling, respite support or advice.

  • Hospice volunteer support

    Caring volunteers can help your family in so many ways—visiting with your loved one so you can have a much-needed break, running an errand and even helping to care for the family pet.

  • Respite Care

    During times when you need additional support or relief from caregiving duties, we can arrange a short stay for your loved one in a local care facility.

Medications, Equipment & Supplies

Trustbridge Hospice has its own pharmacy and medical equipment divisions so we can respond to any needs that arise. We deliver everything related to the hospice diagnosis directly to the bedside.  + read more

  • Medical equipment

    Your loved one may need medical equipment to be comfortable, remain mobile and retain a sense of independence, such as a wheelchair, a hospital bed or a lift to help a bedridden patient get into a wheelchair.  We will train you to use the equipment that helps him or her live life to the fullest and eases your caregiving efforts.  

  • Hospice medications

    Ours was the first hospice program in Florida to have its own pharmacy, because we believe that medication expertise is vital to symptom management. We provide all medications that are related to the hospice diagnosis.  

  • Personal care supplies

    We also provide products that may be needed for daily living, such as bathing, skin-care or incontinence supplies.  Our compassionate certified nursing assistants provide assistance with personal care. 

Emotional & Spiritual Help

Emotional and Spiritual Support for the Entire Family If your family is facing serious illness, you may feel frightened or confused. But as you are struggling with a new reality, hospice care means that you are never alone.  We are here to help you and your family find clarity, comfort and peace on your journey.   When a loved one is very ill, many families want to express meaningful feelings and to say good-bye when the time comes, but may not know how to. Our counselors are here to help your family leave a legacy of lasting memories that provide closure and comfort. + read more

  • Emotional support

    Our clinical social workers offer emotional support for your family, helping you through the challenges of serious illness and connecting you to community resources. Whether your family members live locally or are long-distance caregivers, our social workers bring your family together, help you communicate feelings and concerns and provide reconciliation. This may include reuniting estranged family members or helping someone write a letter to communicate feelings that he or she has not expressed.


    Our social workers also offer assistance in so many practical ways, providing assistance with advance directives, living wills and healthcare surrogate information. They are here to help you navigate complex billing systems and connect you with essential community resources.

  • Spiritual support

    Spiritual needs may become important if you and your loved ones are coping with serious illness. Each family has a unique set of needs and the possibilities for personal growth and closure during the final months of a loved one's life. The ordained ministers and rabbis who serve as our hospice chaplains help people of all traditions and levels of belief find meaning as they review their lives. Whether you just want someone to talk to without judgment, or you find comfort in religious rituals, prayers and music, our chaplains can offer enormous comfort at this deeply meaningful time.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a recognized health profession that is proven to relieve physical symptoms, enhance mood, stimulate memory recall, and provide unique opportunities for interaction and emotional intimacy for families in hospice care.   + read more

  • Symptom relief through music

    This soothing, non-invasive therapy creates a physical and emotional connection that improves quality of life as it relieves:

    • Pain
    • Respiratory distress
    • Depression
    • Agitation
    • Anxiety
  • Music therapy techniques

    When music therapy is included in the care plan, a music therapist assesses your loved one and designs an individualized program. Some of the techniques used during therapy sessions include:

    • Music-assisted relaxation
    • Movement
    • Songwriting
    • Singing favorite songs, accompanied by an instrument
    • Recording songs on a CD for the family
  • An opportunity to share emotions and memories

    Music therapy sessions can be very effective and rewarding ways to communicate with your loved one as you share feelings and memories.  This communication is especially meaningful with loved ones who have memory loss. 

  • Click here to learn about our music therapy internship program »

Pet Therapy

The companionship and unconditional love we receive from a loving pet touches our hearts and makes us feel good. This is wonderful medicine for our hospice patients and families.  + read more

  • Physical benefits of pet therapy

    A simple visit from a gentle dog can produce significant health benefits.

    • Reducing blood pressure
    • Releasing calming endorphins
    • Relieving pain
    • Decreasing stress
    • Increasing relaxation
  • The emotional benefits are just as important

    • Reducing depression, anxiety and loneliness
    • Encouraging communication
    • Providing an uplifting break
    • Creating a physical connection through touch
    • Sparking memories of beloved family pets

Grief Support

Helping you heal The death of a loved one, even if it is expected and peaceful, may leave a hole in your life accompanied by a dizzying range of emotions. In addition to feelings of loss, grief and despair, you might also be feeling anger, guilt or relief. Whatever you are feeling or experiencing is a completely normal and expected reaction to bereavement. Trustbridge is here to walk the difficult path of grief with you, to help you find healing and peace. Our groups, workshops and family activities are open to everyone in Palm Beach and Broward counties who has lost a loved one, free of charge. We are here to support you. You are not alone. To see our currently scheduled programs and locations, click on the links below:  Our Grief Support Calendar for adults Our Grief Support Calendar for children + read more

  • Grief services for children

    When a loved one dies, grieving children and teens have unique needs. We help them cope with change, identify safe ways to express grief, and recognize that it's OK to smile and have fun again.

  • Grief services for adults

    • Grief Education Workshops help you understand how loss effects your life and offer healthy ways to cope
    • Grief Support Groups (ex:Initial Responses to Loss)
    • Loss-specific Support Groups (ex: Loss of a Parent)
    • Individual and Family Grief Counseling (for Trustbridge families whose loved ones have died in our care)
    • Specialized Workshops offer interactive experiences to help you cope with grief (ex: Coping with the Arts)
    • Remembrance Events honor the memories of loved ones (ex: Celebration of Life)
    • Download our booklet The Nature of Grief.
  • If we can help you, please call our Trustbridge Bereavement Centers at (561) 227-5175 or toll-free at (888) 499-8393.

Volunteer Support

Hospice Volunteer Support Our caring hospice volunteers can help your family in so many ways, including: + read more

  • Patient-visiting volunteers

    Our volunteers will visit with your loved one so you can get a break. They unselfishly give of their time to listen, take a walk, read a book, write a journal or watch a movie. They may also run an errand to help out, such as grocery shopping. 

  • Pet Peace of Mind volunteers

    These pet-loving volunteers help with dog walking, feeding, playing with pets, clean-up, transportation to the groomer or vet and shopping for supplies. 

  • Pet therapy volunteers

    Specially certified volunteers visit with their therapy dogs top bring comfort and joy to your family.

  • Musician volunteers

    Our gifted volunteers are referred by music therapists to continue the enrichment that music provides once a patient’s clinical needs have been addressed.

  • Veteran-to-veteran volunteers

    When facing serious illness, your loved one may want to tell his or her service stories to someone who understands their experiences. 

  • Vigil volunteers

    These specially trained volunteers visit with patients who have little or no family support during the final 24 to 48 hours of life. They provide a comforting presence, and emotional and spiritual support. 

Frequently Asked Hospice Care Questions

For families struggling with serious illness, hospice care means that you are never alone. If you do not see the information you need here, you can call us with any question, 24 hours a day at 844.422.3648. + read more

  • Who qualifies for hospice care?

    Hospice is a special type of supportive care that is devoted to people who have end-stage illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less if their disease follows its normal course. Some people have multiple conditions that contribute to a limited life expectancy, rather than a single illness.  

  • Where is hospice care provided?

    Most people receive hospice care in their homes. Hospice care may also be provided at a dedicated care center, a skilled nursing facility, an assisted-living or other caregiving facility, or in the hospital.

  • How is hospice care paid for?

    The compassionate care and support of hospice care is a benefit you are entitled to under Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. As a not-for-profit hospice, we make sure that everyone who needs hospice care receives it, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. 

  • Can I continue seeing my own doctor if I am in hospice care?

    Yes. Many patients continue to see their own primary care physicians when they enter hospice care.  Our team of professionals works closely with the patient's doctor to coordinate care and monitor their condition.

  • Can I continue to receive the medications that have been helping me?

    If the medications are related to your hospice diagnosis, we will provide them.  If they are not, you can continue to take them at your own cost. 

  • How long can I receive hospice care?

    You can benefit from the world of support that we provide for a full 6 months (or longer if you continue to meet the medical criteria). You can choose to leave hospice care at any time, for any reason, and return later on if you are medically eligible. 

“Trustbridge Hospice was just so wonderful to my father and our entire family. I don’t know what we would have done without them.” 

Anita M.

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